Buy Bimatoprost

You can buy bimatoprost in 3 ml. pockets. Recommended dose -one using on skin before sleeping on upper eyelid only on the basic of lashes.
Before using bimatoprost clean skin from make up, put off contact lenses. Pull of f applicator from pocket. Then using applicator horizontally put on one drop of bimatoprost on applicator closer to tip, but not directly on it. Then lead applicator on the skin of upper eyelid on the lase of eyelashes, moving from inside part of eye to out side pout of eye. Don't use it out limit of eyelid. Do it for the second eyelid. Avoid spillage in to the eye or on the low eyelid. If you pass using the preparation Don't try to use it. Use it on the second day in the evening.
Bimatoprost in the eye isn't damage. You needn't wash eyes. Don't come into contact with the neck of bubble and applicator with other subjects. Don't take it fingers in order to avoid bacterials and infection. Before using bimatoprost put off contact lenses. You may put it trough 15 minutes after using bimatoprost.
Use bimatoprost one time a day . Using it more than one time a day Don't accelerate grown of eyelashes and Don't increase the effect of using preparation.